About Us


CORFinancial was established in 2012 as an ALTERNATIVE source to provide growth financing solutions to SMB’s (small businesses with annual revenue of less than $50 million). The founders of CORFinancial have over 40 years of knowledge and hands-on experience establishing and financing successful business ventures. The days of the institutional banker understanding your business and financing needs are long gone, leaving SMB’s constantly struggling to address cash flow needs. We understand these cash flow pressures and can assist SMB’s acquiring additional growth financing and/or financial restructuring.

We take time to get to know our clients, their business, understand what their borrowing needs are and both short-term / long-term financing objectives. Knowledge is power, the more we know the better we can do our job and accomplish for our clients.


We strive to provide practical, flexible and creative funding solutions to small and mid-sized companies. CORFinancial has few, if any, pre-conditions. Our solutions are based on your company’s assets, enterprise value, and borrowing needs. With a clear understanding of the realities of business, our solutions are individualized and adjustable to meet our clients needs.

Customize Solutions

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your business needs based on YOUR business, not a generic business model.


You will never be just another customer at CORFinancial. We are not a revolving door. We care about you and your business and most importantly, we care about your success.

Expertise & Knowledge

CORFinancial will never be everything to everyone. We pride ourselves on what we know and what we DON’T! This basic principle helps us stay focused on industries that we understand without wasting your time.


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Russel Inspektor

Licensed Mortgage Agent(LIC. M18001101)

An experienced commercial financing solutions specialist with a demonstrated history of successful business development working in small & midsize businesses across many different industries worldwide, both private and multi-national clients. Russel has a good understanding in underwriting and lender requirements for getting clients approved on new mortgages and refinancing applications. He is skilled in underwriting, credit analysis, negotiation, operations management, sales, retail, team building & business development. Russel is responsible for overseeing all mortgage related transactions, deal origination, development of online activities and advertising strategies.

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Eric Inspektor


Eric has spent over 30 years advising on and structuring non-conforming or asset-based loans with the prime focus on ensuring that viable companies flourish. His successes include the re-structuring of a number of hi-profile Canadian and US corporations through refinancings totaling in excess of $500 million, the building of a successful non-prime automotive leasing company and establishing a unique financial structure to assist developers survive through the 1990 real estate collapse. Eric is responsible for deal origination, due diligence, restructuring solutions and liaison between borrower and lender.

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Rick Arnone

Principal, CORSolutions

Rick is a senior consultant with CORSolutions, the advisory division of COR and focuses on helping clients with growth strategies, strong governance & financial stewardship. Rick is a seasoned senior Banking professional with over 3 decades of experience in assisting businesses and clients with their financing needs and optimal capital structure.

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Frank Ientile


Frank is an experienced Chief Financial Officer skilled in empowering organizations to define, implement and achieve their mission while unlocking enterprise value with flawless execution. He is a senior consultant with CORSolutions, the advisory division of COR.

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Eric Satov

Senior Consultant, COR Hospitality Advisory Group

Eric is a Senior Consultant with COR Hospitality Advisory group. He has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry working directly in operations, financial analysis, team and group leadership and maximizing the use of technology available. Eric has always understood that the dynamics of the customer, employee and shareholder relationships are the foundation for creating sound business solutions. Eric is a problem solver who brings a host of hands-on experience when taking on and managing client engagements.