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Minimizing Stress, Maximizing Potential

Business is not a perfect science - it is often exposed to peaks, valleys, and growth pains. At CORSolutions we understand these trends and how to minimize the stress that comes with adjusting. As the advisory division of CORFinancial, our expertise across many industries allows us to quickly assess the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients in order to find solutions to help maximize the potential of a business.

Whether it be to fund an acquisition, finance growth, or restructure your business, finding the right lender and financing structure is paramount. This often times requires the right structuring advice in order to obtain the right financing. 

HASCAP Guarantee Loans


On January 26, 2021, the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade
announced the launch of the Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program, or HASCAP. HASCAP
will provide financial support to businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Applications are now open for HASCAP Guarantee Loans, available until June 30.  Low interest, fully guaranteed loans up to $1 million are available to qualifying businesses negatively affected by COVID-19 at their primary financial institution.


Bringing You Over Seven Decades of Experience

CORSolutions, the consulting arm of CORFinancial, specializes in providing advice to SMB's who need guidance and strategic decision-making focus, ensuring that they have the right resources to implement their refinancing and other business initiatives.


Problem Solving at its Best

Our management team has more than 75 years of combined, on-the-job experience and boasts numerous high profile successes. With our extensive background in financing, we bring a level of problem-solving and creativity that is hard to find.

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